How does medicine get from research to the patient’s bedside? Heidelberg Technology Park organizes an exchange with international players in Boston

Heidelberg Technology Park hosts its traditional Breakfast Session at the BIO International Convention, the biggest biotechnology convention in the world. As part of a joint breakfast at the renowned Boston law firm Cooley, 30 distinguished guests from the USA and Europe discuss cross-border promotion of scientific start-ups.

Boston, June 5th, 2018. “It is definitely very important for young and emerging life science companies to also market their products and technologies in North America,” states Christoph Lengauer who has headed the development of the German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Berlin since 2015. In his keynote speech, he explains how his initiative supports German start-ups entering the global market: With individual consulting and a large science, industry, and investor network. “Our vision is to establish successful companies that provide innovative medical products and technologies to patients worldwide. We are confident that these success stories will also have a positive impact on the German economy.”

In his keynote address, Managing Director of the Heidelberg Technology Park André Domin explains just how important start-up funding is: “If we want to exploit scientific potential, then we need financing and mentoring especially for start-ups and attractive expansion spaces for established companies as well.” In this context, Domin outlines Heidelberg Technology Park’s strategy to expand the local facilities by a Business Development Center Organic Electronics (BDC OE) offering 7,000 m² of laboratories, clean rooms, and bureau space until 2019. The building will be part of the newly developed Heidelberg Innovation Park catalyzing opportunities for international cooperation and investment.

In his speech, Thomas Prexl, Managing Director of Heidelberg Startup Partners (HSP), emphasizes that competent consulting is another strategic element. “Our accelerator programs Life Science Accelerator and Up2B, which we launched in 2017, promote start-ups in the long term – with already more than 60 teams in all. Through sustainable coaching, we create business models that are truly investable,” explains Prexl. The success speaks for itself: Many of the supported founders are now in business.

Following discussion at the subsequent breakfast, speakers and audience agree that successful promotion of scientific start-ups in Germany must happen at several levels. Individual and long-term consulting lays the foundation for a successful business model. Companies can develop and collaborate interdisciplinarily in attractive spaces such as the Business Development Center Organic Electronics with its laboratories, clean rooms, and coworking areas. Professional networks in scientific hotspots like Heidelberg plus internationalization programs like GALS help founders enter the global market. Only if all components are combined effectively will promotion lead to the best possible and sustainable results.  

About Heidelberg Technology Park
Heidelberg Technology Park was founded in 1984 as the first science park in Germany with a life science focus. Through its continual growth in the fields of biotechnology, pharmatechnology, environmental technology, printed electronics, as well as IT, it has been able to expand into five locations. The goal of the Technologiepark is to support the exchange between research and industry and support spin-offs from science with the necessary infrastructure. By working closely with internationally active partners such as EMBL, the DKFZ, the Center for Molecular Biology, the SRH University, the Excellence Cluster Organic Electronics, as well as the University and its hospital, it offers local businesses a large network and intensive cooperation with academia and business. A further location, the 7000 m² Business Development Center Organic Electronics, will be opened as part of the Heidelberg Innovation Park in the middle of 2019. The new location of about 42 acres, will see academic research, start-ups, and established businesses cooperate and realize innovations aimed at the pressing challenges the future holds.
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About Heidelberg Startup Partners
Heidelberg Startup Partners are a cooperative initiative of research and educational institutions in Heidelberg. The goal of the association is the support of newly founded scientific, technological, and science-based businesses. In addition to the wide assortment of events, it offers an interdisciplinary team in Heidelberg who provide consulting services and support entrepreneurs in their search for funding, qualified employees and office space. The Heidelberg Startup Partners are a cooperative initiative of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), the IHK Rhein-Neckar, the University of Education Heidelberg, the SRH University Heidelberg gGmbH, the Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH, the Technology Transfer Heidelberg GmbH, the medical department of the University of Heidelberg, as well as the University of Heidelberg.
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