Seal of quality for the Heidelberg Technology Park

The Federal German association of innovation, technology and business incubation centres (BVIZ), awarded the Heidelberg Technology Park (TP) the quality seal “Recognised Innovation Centre”. Whether a start-up, a technology transfer, an economic development promotion or an economic viability request: the Heidelberg TP was able to substantiate its performance in all categories of the multi-tiered examination and auditing process, and now has sealed and signed proof for this.

On November 24, four BVIZ auditors spent several hours rigorously examining the TP. The focus was less on the premises, but rather on the content and the daily routines of the Heidelberg TP, which acts as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. The auditors were reassured by the broad range of services and the network, which tenants and interested entrepreneurs can have recourse to at the TP. The award is a token of the sustainable development of the TP since its founding in 1984 and into the future. The next milestone, a newly constructed building of the Heidelberg Innovation Park aimed at young businesses, will open in two years.


About BVIZ

The BVIZ is the Federal German association of innovation, technology and business incubation, as well as science and technology parks. It was founded in 1988 at the initiative of numerous innovation and business incubators and was called the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Technologie- und Gründerzentren (ADT). The number of business incubators in Germany has since continuously increased. The association aims to support technology transfer and innovation, as well as business incubation and corporate development. Furthermore, it aims to develop the value and efficiency of technology and business incubators, and their competence in supporting innovative start-ups and adequately representing them in public.

19.12.2016 - 16:01