TP CEO elected European Division President of the IASP

The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) is an association of technology parks and high-tech clusters. It promotes the exchange of information, people and technologies at an international level. IASP, established in 1984, consists of nearly 400 members from 73 countries, representing more than 140,000 companies worldwide. The executive board consists of three directors and a director general, Luis Sanz, based in Malaga, Spain. In addition, there are six regional divisions (Africa, Asia Pacific, EU, North America, Latin America, and WANA) and a nine-member board to pool continental interests and advise the executive board. André Domin was appointed to the board at the last annual meeting in Moscow and elected European Division President a few weeks ago. His motivation for these honorary posts is: the possibility to pass on his own wealth of experience, which he gained at different locations; facilitate cooperation with international colleagues; broaden his horizons in terms of situations and conditions in other countries; and also the desire to network Heidelberg more effectively. Issues such as funding and mentoring young companies, and also promoting cooperation between established companies and foreign partners are at the top of his agenda. In addition, his election as European Division President is tantamount to direct communication with the European Commission in Brussels and representing European interests in the areas of R&D funding, framework conditions for (VC) financing high-tech companies and the legal situation in terms of certification and accreditation.

19.12.2016 - 15:35