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Besides its focus on biotechnology and pharma, the Heidelberg Technology Park GmbH promotes new high-tech development sectors. 

Since 2009 research and development in the field of printed electronics has been carried out in Heidelberg at the InnovationLab by the leading-edge cluster Organic Electronics. This pioneering technology provides for the cost-effective mass production of electronic printing devices.  The potential for its use is enormous; it is already used on a daily basis in the form of packaging materials and intelligent clothing.  The aim of the research under way in Heidelberg is to replace electronic conductive paste made from silver or copper with organic compounds and, in this way, to pave the way for resource-saving production processes. 

The Heidelberg Technology Park GmbH supports both the InnovationLab and the city of Heidelberg by developing new sites for new R&D companies. To this end, it is taking part in the on-going talks and discussions about the reuse of redevelopment sites – with particular emphasis on the economic potential and development of the Patton Barracks in Kirchheim.


The construction of the Business Development Centre Organic Electronics initiates the Patton Barracks redevelopment process. The aim is for this startup incubator to realize the InnovationLab research findings and resulting prototypes in small-scale serial production and thereby introduce them onto the market. Besides the R&D that is done within the field of fundamental material sciences at the university of Heidelberg will be strengthen with the completion of the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) at the universities campus. 

As part of a published tender the architectural firm Rhode, Kellermann Wawrosky from Düsseldorf was chosen to work out the detailed planning. Start of the planning process was September last year. At the end of January 2016 the Heidelberg Technology Park handed in a proposal for federal grants (RegioWIN) that will be used for financing the construction of the BDC.  The target date for starting construction is the turn of the year 2016/17. 

Here you can find a short movie about the future development of Patton Barracks, made by the city of Heidelberg


The new brochure on the presentation of the Business Development Center Organic Electronics was recently published!
The brochure gives an impression of the later appearance of the new building as well as the conceptual considerations.





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