Lovely Heidelberg

Heidelberg’s 150,000 residents highly value the world-renowned beauty and extremely attractive location of their city on the Neckar. But, above all, they value their quality of life. Heidelberg is a city of science and culture.  It is especially attractive for families, students, creative individuals and entrepreneurs from industry, science and the research community.

Learn and Research and Live in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a city of science:  boasting 10 unversities and more than 39,000 students, Germany’s oldest university town has produced no fewer than 56 Nobel Prize winners who lived and worked in Heidelberg.

An Elite University with a Strong Tradition
The University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany.  In 2012 it was once again awarded the status of elite university.

First-rate Degree Courses
A large number of universities and colleges can be found in Heidelberg.  They offer students a high-quality education in Heidelberg’s relaxed atmosphere.

Heidelberg Offers the Best Chances
Heidelberg offers your children the best chances in life – from pre-school right up to higher education.

Leader in Early Learning
In Heidelberg, some 50 per cent of children under the age of three have a place at a day-care centre. No other German state can match that achievement.

Heidelberg Is Top of the Class
As confirmed by the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Lifelong Learning Index, Heidelberg’s schools are the best in Germany.

Innovative and International
Research in Heidelberg meets the highest international standards and makes an important contribution to society.

Outreach and Diversity
Heidelberg’s multi-disciplinary research centres are recognized worldwide.  The city is a leader in the life sciences.

A city built from knowledge
Creative and exemplary solutions for the City of the Future are to be identified at diverse knowledge locations by 2022.

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