The Heidelberg Start-up Magazine has been published

Amidst the historical beauty of Heidelberg, known for its famous castle, Germany's oldest university, and top-class clinics, there's a dynamic scene that so far, is only known to a few: A vibrant startup scene. With found, our new startup magazine, we aim to change that. In 2021, when measured by population, Heidelberg ranked third among German cities with the most startup formations - directly behind Berlin and Munich.

found offers an exciting look at Heidelberg's vibrant start-up scene and goes beyond introducing companies and individuals. It showcases people who are changing the world from Heidelberg, whose start-ups are already on everyone's lips today, or who have taken the first step from research into business. Found presents stories that are as intriguing as life itself - it's about sustainability, visions, health, and venture capital.

The first issue of found includes interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs about their innovative projects. We introduce Amelie Vermeer and Julia Piechotta with Spoontainable, who make edible ice cream spoons to combat single-use plastic, and Felipe Huici and his team from Unikraft, who are halving the CO2 consumption of cloud services.

We also hear from Jonas Andrulis of Aleph Alpha, a company considered a beacon of hope for large language models in Europe, and Christiane Opitz and Ahmed Sadik of cAHRmeleon, who aim to support cancer patients with the help of artificial intelligence. Of course, a look at the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), which is based in Heidelberg and has discovered the fund's first unicorn, is also a must.

Additionally, found takes a behind-the-scenes look at venture capitalists who enable the rapid growth of startups. It introduces co-working spaces and co-working labs and provides information on the diverse funding opportunities for startups in Heidelberg.

With found, a new era begins in which Heidelberg will be known not only for its historical sights but also as a dynamic center for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The first issue of found is now available online on our website at Readers are invited to be inspired, provide feedback, and make suggestions for future editions.

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