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Heidelberg Technology Park accommodates a variety of companies at five locations in the Heidelberg metropolitan area. In addition, there are associated members who are part of our network - but are based outside the Technology Park. You can use our database to find specific companies or get an overview of the products and services offered within Heidelberg Technology Park.

logo placeholder for Graffinity Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Graffinity Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Im Neuenheimer Feld 518-519
69120 Heidelberg

Url: www.graffinity.com

Graffinity offers fragment-based drug discovery for the development of lead structures and drug candidates in partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The core of the technology are chemical microarrays on which small molecule substances (fragments) are immobilized. The arrays are read with surface plasmon resonance. The direct interaction between protein and immobilized ligand is measured without the need for a marker. Thus, a very broad spectrum of different proteins can be tested in high throughput. The high sensitivity of the measurement method also allows the detection of the interaction of fragments (MW less than 300 Da) with the target protein. Graffinity´s Substance library comprises 110,000 substances, 24,000 of which are fragments. The technology has been successfully applied to more than 90 screened target proteins for external partners including Amgen, Pfizer, BI, AstraZeneca, Elan and Genentech.

Location: Im Neuenheimer Feld
Status: Tenant


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Your company is a tenant in the Heidelberg Technology Park or an associated member, but you cannot find it in our database? Your data is no longer up to date or you would like to complete your profile?

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