Spoontainable at ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd

Spoontainable integrates their spoon into vegan chocolate pudding at ALDI

The two founders Julia Piechotta and Amelie Vermeer

The two founders Julia Piechotta and Amelie Vermeer

As part of the Munich-based Techfounders Accelerator Program, the startup Spoontainable has implemented a cooperation with the leading discounter ALDI, which is committed to sustainability. The Spoonie choc, the edible spoon made from cocoa shell fibers, is integrated into a chocolate pudding made with lupines from the brand made with luve. Both products are vegan and from sustainable and regional production.

"Placing our edible spoons on the shelf was too easy for us. We wanted to show that our edible spoons can do more than just be used for ice cream. The successful product integration with ALDI and made with luve shows that our spoons are also suitable for the convenience area in retail". (Vermeer & Piechotta)

Edible spoons in retail

The collaboration with ALDI and Techfounders already started in January 2020, during which the startup became more familiar with the retail processes and gained a deep insight into the supply chain processes. The biggest challenge was to convert the entire value chain of pudding production so that edible spoons could now be integrated instead of plastic spoons. But through the mentoring and workshop programs of the Accelerator Techfounders, the founders were able to take away valuable know-how and gain strategic experience so that the operational challenges were mastered.

Spoonies also for B2C customers

Until now, the edible spoons have mainly been associated with ice cream, but through their collaboration with ALDI, founders Amelie Vermeer and Julia Piechotta show that much more is possible. The spoons are also intended to reduce plastic cutlery in the retail sector and thus increase the range of applications. All in all, this should also give end customers the opportunity to get to know and test the brand Spoontainable. At the same time, the startup has also launched a B2C packaging, which is already available in the online store 35 Spoonie chocs can be bought here for 6,95€ in a reusable box.

Edible spoons from Spoontainable

On the website interested people have the possibility to inform themselves about cooperation partners who are already using Spoontainable's edible spoons. Spoontainable actually is the word combination of spoon and sustainable. The edible spoons from Spoontainable have also been awarded the Green Brand 2020/21 seal of approval.

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