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35 years in the service of innovation

The Heidelberg Technology Park has provided laboratories, clean rooms and offices for scientific and technological companies for more than three decades. We have become one of the prime locations for research-intensive company start-ups and growth companies worldwide. Our tenants value their proximity to renowned research facilities and companies, as well as the quality of life in Heidelberg.

Industry focuses

Heidelberg locations

Spatial development

Life Sciences

Biotechnology, pharmacy, biology
Laboratories for research in the life sciences

Our Im Neuenheimer Feld location is predominantly tenanted by biotech companies: Due to its proximity to the university and medical campus, high-tech company start-ups in particular have been settling here since the 80s.

The Heidelberg Technology Park has been densely populated with such facilities promoting research and development ever since it opened its doors. It therefore stands to reason that the BioRN leading-edge cluster also be based in the technology park itself.

Technology Park, Im Neuenheimer Feld

Bioproduction Park, Czernyring


Business Development Center Heidelberg

Spaces for high-tech in Heidelberg
Clean rooms and workshops

Ever since InnovationLab, the leading-edge cluster for organic electronics in Heidelberg, was set up and the Center for Advanced Materials at Heidelberg University opened this year, Heidelberg has established itself as the central location for this new leading-edge technology.

The Heidelberg Technology Park takes up the theme and has been building a new location on the site of the constantly growing top cluster on Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Ring. The aim of the InnovationLab is to print electronic components on a mass scale in an energy and environmentally friendly manner. Printed electronics will thus replace the well-known semiconductor technology and open up completely new possibilities for design, technology and sustainability. Since 2019, the Business Development Center Heidelberg has also been providing 4,400 square meters of offices, laboratories, workshops and S2 wet labs, as well as CoWorking Spaces, SeedLabs, Café and Conference Center, for founders in the electronics sector.


Environmental Technology

Spaces for environmental engineers

In addition to biotechnology and printed electronics, the technology park in Heidelberg also houses a large number of environmental engineering firms at the Heinsteinwerk location. Following extensive reconstruction, the former factory building offers a total of six floors of office space for up to 17 rental units, as well as a restaurant on the ground floor.

This creates the ideal atmosphere for engineering firms to develop technical and technological procedures that help protect the environment and restore already damaged ecosystems.

Heinsteinwerk Environmental Park

Business Incubator

Testing ideas
Individual offices and short termination periods

Our business incubator is the first port of call for young and creative minds wanting to set up and locate their new company. It is funded by the city of Heidelberg and the Initiative for Start-ups and Business Transfers (ifex) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, with funds from the European Social Fund, and managed by Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH.

As part of the rental agreement, young companies benefit from the support of HeidelbergStartupPartners. No specific industry is targeted—each and every idea is welcome and deserves a chance.

Business incubator, Hans-Bunte-Strasse

Associate membership
Heidelberg Technology Park is spread across the city

Regardless of whether you have managed to secure a place at one of our technology parks, or are a successful company with your own offices or a service provider operating worldwide, you can benefit from both our services and our network. An associate membership grants you the same benefits our tenants enjoy, no matter where your company is located.

Preferential terms at the ConferenceCenter

Tenants and associate members benefit from significantly reduced rental rates at our ConferenceCenter. Do you need a meeting room in Im Neuenheimer Feld? Would you like to host conferences with up to 100 participants? Our option is cost-effective—and right in the middle of the Life Science Campus!

Event invitations

We regularly invite our tenants and associate members to exclusive events: Scientific lunch lectures, fireside chats for founders and entrepreneurs, our annual summer party—apart from knowledge transfer, our events are all about networking.

Access to our network

Tenants and associate members are part of our innovation community. We actively promote networking, assist in the search for partners, and further your interests in our international, national, and regional memberships, networks, and partnerships.

Premium terms at our partners

Select partners offer our tenants and associate members preferential terms. Use our network of service providers to succeed. Be it group insurance rates, car sharing, or the VRN job ticket, our general agreements are at your disposal.

Our locations at a glance

Technologiepark Im Neuenheimer Feld

The core of the Heidelberg Technology Park

With more than 40,000 m2 of laboratory, commercial, and industrial space, the Im Neuenheimer Feld location is the core of the Heidelberg Technology Park. Due to its integration into the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (Heidelberg University) campus, there is a special emphasis on science and research here. Here, students, young scientists, and start-up founders, as well as experienced entrepreneurs and lecturers, work together in a creative and vibrant atmosphere. Nowhere is it easier to find young talent than at a location where business is at the cutting edge of science.


  • Biotechnology
  • Life sciences
  • Cell biology
  • Pharmacy


Your contact:
Dr. André H.R. Domin
+49 6221 5025710

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Produktionspark Czernyring, Bahnstadt

Large-scale production

In addition to Im Neuenheimer Feld, the Heidelberg Technology Park BioPark at our Czernyring location, the second largest business park, has an area of 6,000 m2 dedicated to pharmaceutical biotechnology. The companies located here are a significant part of the scientific and business collaboration network of the Heidelberg Technology Park.

  • Former regional emergency slaughterhouse
  • Celonic, Biomeva, Orpegen


Your contact:
Dr. André H.R. Domin
+49 6221 5025710

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SkyLabs, Bahnstadt

High-level research

The Bahnstadt campus strengthens Heidelberg’s position as a center for the knowledge-based economy: Here, internationally mobile scientists as well as business experts and executives enjoy the attractive combination of working and living on campus. In addition, high-quality international educational facilities are available for families with children in Heidelberg.

Together with the city of Heidelberg, the non-profit Max-Jarecki-Stiftung (Max Jarecki Foundation) is currently developing 5.5 hectares of land in the Bahnstadt location to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer on campus.

Further information is available here.


Your contact:
Dr. André H.R. Domin
+49 6221 5025710

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Environmental Park, Wieblingen

Committed to ecology

The UmweltPark (Environmental Park) is a further trendsetting high-tech location in the city on the Neckar. The first environmental technology and environmental economics companies settled in the technology park as early as the mid 80s.

In 2005, the Umweltkompetenzzentrum Rhein-Neckar e. V. (UKOM) opened its own environmental competence center here, in the Heinstein factories established in 1911: A total of 1,700 m2 of thinking space specifically designed for the needs of this growth industry. Due to high demand, the construction of an annex is already underway this year. All this to achieve even more dynamism and progress at this high-tech location for the environment in Heidelberg.


Your contact:
Dr. André H.R. Domin
+49 6221 5025710

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Business Incubator, Pfaffengrund

Start small, grow, and develop

The business incubator provides comprehensive support for company start-ups and start-up projects. It is located at Hans-Bunte-Strasse 8–10, 69123 Heidelberg, funded by the city of Heidelberg and the Initiative for Start-ups and Business Transfers (ifex) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, with funds from the European Social Fund, and managed by Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH.


Your contact:
Markus Bühler
+49 6221 71411164

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BDC OE, as seen from the south

A further location in Heidelberg

Construction of the Business Development Center Heidelberg (BDC HD) on Speyerer Strasse 15/2, another Heidelberg Technology Park location, began at the end of September 2017.

Since October 2019, the BDC HD provides young companies (such as those in the high-tech and biotechnology sectors) with office space, laboratories and clean-room compatible spaces in Heidelberg. In addition to functional and individually configurable infrastructure, the building offers public spaces, including conference rooms, a cafeteria, and coworking spaces.

Further information is available on the project’s website.


Your contact:
Moritz Schindler
+49 6221 5025722






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Construction project

“Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.” - Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Having a creative and exciting idea is a great thing. But transforming this idea into reality is even better. This requires more than just an office. In addition to space, passion, and a plan, you also need allies and supporters. And this is exactly what you can find in the new Business Development Center in Heidelberg (BDC HD).

The American forces have left Heidelberg and now we are creating urban spaces full of possibilities: A meeting place for founders, students, investors, industrialists, and scientists. The BDC HD, part of the new Heidelberg Innovation Park (HIP), has been developed in the midst of a future ecosystem with a campus feel and optimal industrial and infrastructural connections since 2017. Located at the northern tip, it is the first new building heralding the development of the HIP. Existing and new buildings on this site, which is perfectly situated logistically, will house a new district for innovation. Start-ups and established IT and digital media, biotech, microelectronics, and environmental technology companies are able to settle on the 17 hectares of space. There is no other more suitable location for this ambitious project—work connected in the truest sense of the word.

Our goal is to enable the future—the BDC is our workshop. This versatile, open and modern building gives smart and creative minds the opportunity to meet, discuss and transform ideas into reality.

Flexibility, versatility and top infrastructure makes the BDC a high-tech nucleus. Ttenants have access to a broad range of support services and opportunities for developing an idea into a start-up and products.

Since October 2019, you too can find a future office and laboratory in the more than 4,000 m2 of rental space, enabling you to successfully grow in Heidelberg.

Further information

Your contact:
Moritz Schindler

 +49 6221 5025722

The construction of the Business Development Center Heidelberg is being cofinanced by funds from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the State of Baden-Württemberg. The city of Heidelberg is also making its own contribution.

The EU, the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the city of Heidelberg care about you—start your startup at our BDC HD!



Download our latest BDC HD brochure here:

Download now

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