Entrepreneur of the Year: Jonas Andrulis

Jonas Andrulis, founder of Aleph Alpha, is named Entrepreneur of the Year by Handelsblatt.

Handelsblatt 15.12.2023:

Jonas Andrulis Challenges Google and Microsoft with His AI

The recent $500 million funding round for his company, Aleph Alpha, made economic history in early November. Where is this 42-year-old leading Germany as an AI hub?

Jonas Andrulis, founder and CEO of the Heidelberg-based company Aleph Alpha, recently made waves in the business world by closing a $500 million funding round for his company. Specializing in the development of large-scale language models for various corporate applications, Andrulis is seen as a beacon of hope for Europe in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He even advises members of the federal government on major AI issues. Aleph Alpha plans to collaborate closely with scientists and openly share research findings, promoting knowledge sharing and transparency beyond the confines of large corporations. This significant move positions Andrulis and his company as a formidable competitor to major international tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

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