Big PyData BBQ

Explore the complexity and potential of Large Language Models at the Big PyData BBQ event. This year, we're privileged to host world-class speakers: Ines Montani, co-founder of ExplosionAI and developer of spaCy, and Alejandro Saucedo, Director at Zalando and the Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning. These esteemed experts will shed light on the latest advances in AI and machine learning, offering invaluable insights into the field's future. 

If you like cool talks about Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, coding or community, the Big PyData BBQ is the place to be!

KÖNIGSWEG and hei_INNOVATION invite you to join the 5th edition of the annual big gathering of the PyData Südwest community. Besides talks there will be a lot of time for networking over a delicious BBQ.

This year's topic: Large Language Models

Confirmed Speakers:
Ines Montani (ExplosionAI / spaCy)
Alejandro Saucedo (Director of Eng, Science, Product & Analytics Zalando / Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning)
more speakers to be announced - stay tuned!

Join on Tuesday, 21 September, 6 pm in person at the Mathematikon in Heidelberg or live stream on YouTube. 


About the speakers:
Ines Montani, a renowned software developer, is a co-founder of Explosion AI, a digital laboratory specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. She is recognized as the lead developer of spaCy, a widely used open-source library for advanced natural language processing (NLP) in Python. Together with Matthew Honnibal, she also developed Prodigy, a machine learning annotation tool that aids in the efficient creation of training data. Montani is a staunch advocate for open-source software, working tirelessly to make the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning more accessible. Her expertise is sought after at technology conferences, where she shares insights on the future of technology.

Alejandro Saucedo is a technology entrepreneur and software engineer known for his work in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is Director of Eng, Science, Product & Analytics at Zalando and the Chief Scientist at The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning, a London-based research organization focused on developing best practices for machine learning and artificial intelligence, among others.
Saucedo has a strong technical background and has worked in a variety of areas, including software development, machine learning and data science. He has led several projects and initiatives aimed at improving the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, Saucedo is an active participant and speaker in the technology and AI community. He has spoken at numerous conferences and events and is known for his contributions to promoting ethical practices in AI development

 A big thank you to the sponsors:
hei_INNOVATION, for hosting the meetup,
KÖNIGSWEG, for supporting the organization,
NUMFOCUS, for promoting open source software,
Python Softwareverband e.V., for support.

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