Heidelberg biotech company WMT AG receives investment

FS Investment acquires stake in Heidelberg-based biotech company WMT AG

Press Release: Düsseldorf and Heidelberg, November 28, 2023

A significant development in the biotech industry: The Düsseldorf-based family office FS Life Science Investment GmbH has participated in the Heidelberg biotech company WMT AG. This involvement took place as part of the company's current bridge financing.

Compelling Research and Development

Dr. Frank Schäfer, Co-Managing Director of FS Investment, explains the reasons for this investment: “We were particularly impressed by WMT AG's approach to sustainable research and development. It's impressive how the company, in addition to developing complex treatments for serious diseases, also focuses on small molecules that are more cost-effective to produce. This approach offers the potential to make effective and affordable therapies accessible to all segments of the global population.”

Innovative Approaches in Cancer Therapy

Dr. Claus Kremoser, CEO of WMT AG, emphasizes the importance of the support from FS Investment: “We are happy to have found a partner in FS Investment who shares our vision. Our focus on cost-effectively producible active ingredients for treating specific subtypes of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases represents an important shift away from expensive immune, cell, and gene therapies.”

Background of FS Life Science Investment GmbH

FS Life Science Investment GmbH, led by entrepreneur Dr. Carmen Zirngibl and molecular biologist Dr. Frank Schäfer, focuses on sustainable concepts and primarily invests in the early stages of company development. Their portfolio includes not only life sciences but also startups from other segments.

WMT AG – Pioneer in Cancer Research

Founded in 2020, WMT AG is a research-oriented biotech company with a focus on low molecular weight compounds. Led by Dr. Claus Kremoser, an experienced researcher with 25 years of experience and four drugs brought into clinical development, the company is working on innovative therapeutic approaches. The small molecules developed target new mechanisms in cancer and immune cells and have the potential to be used in both cancer therapy and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Open for Further Investments

WMT AG, primarily financed by private investors, family offices, and the High-Tech Founder Fund, remains open to further investment inquiries.

This new partnership between FS Investment and WMT AG marks a significant step in the development of effective and affordable therapies in the biotech industry.

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